Macau Island, has always been bringing people a feeling of beautiful, quiet, green, leisure, fashion, it is such a combination of all kinds of elements, showing the characteristics of Macau, here we can easily spend a leisure time in the day. Experience the relaxing atmosphere of the city, Macau is a city converge with multi-cultural, there is a diversified Island, combination of natural and fashion, harmony of technology and humanities. As long as shuttle the cross-sea bridge between Macau Peninsula Island, your leisure journey will be kicked off.

Some people like quiet, they can visit the Chinese Temples or Western churches, some people like stimulating the competitive activities, some may like tasting a variety of food in Island. Here, can satisfy all you need.

In this issue, we are going to introduce the wonderful life of Island, the diversification of Island can let everyone enjoy very much. If people can find the right place, they can fully experience the diversity Island in bustling Macau.



The Portuguese came to Macao in 16th century, that is the beginning of the collision between Chinese culture and Western culture, and then Macao became a foreign trade port. You can see the building with Chinese and Western cultural characteristics, including Chinese temples, Western churches, residential buildings and commercial buildings.

In the Rua do Caetano near the Lord Stow's Bakery in Coloane, there are a lot of couples-to-be taking the wedding photo, you can see the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier with an external wall in rich colors.

In Macau, the most touching is the perfect fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. At the end of Avenida de Cinco de Outubro, there is Tam Kong Temple, which is built in Qing Dynasty Tongzhi years. This is just a street, there are Chinese-style temples, Western-style churches such highly representative buildings, which shows the Island's multicultural culture, and also fully embodies the characteristics of Macao's Chinese-Western communion.
Our Lady of Carmel Church
Built in 1885, this church stands on a hill overlooking the sea, Taipa Village and the restored mansions of Old Taipa Praia.
Our Lady of Carmel Church
Address: Avenida de Carlos da Maia, Largo do Carmo, Taipa

Our Lady of Sorrows Church
This small church was built in 1966 to serve the needs of the settlement of Ka Ho, where the families of cured lepers and a few new cases live. It has a magnificent bronze crucifix over the north door. It was created and given to Ka Ho by Italian sculptor Francisco Messima. Also associated with the building of this church is the name of another Italian sculptor, Oseo Acconci.

Our Lady of Sorrows Church
Address: Estrada de Nossa Senhora de Ká Hó, Nossa Senhora Village, Coloane
Western Baroque Architecture
The Chapel of St. Francis Xavier in Coloane is built in 1928, it was completed before the Second World War. The architectural form is similar to the Baroque architecture of the general church in Macau, and it is also a hot spot for wedding photos. There is a monument in front of the church, which is built to commemorate the victory in 1910 beating the pirates. The facade of this church is white, the oval-shaped windows and bell tower, the European style building coupled with comfortable color, under the penetration of the sun, the overall feeling is quite bright and comfortable, exudes a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.
The Chapel of St. Francis Xavier
Andress: Rua do Caetano, Coloane



There are many temples with hundreds-year of history in Macao. These temples are representing the local Chinese faith, and have witnessed the history of Macao.


Chinese Traditional Temple
Tam Kong Temple is located at the end of Avenida de Cinco de Outubro, it was built more than 100 years ago in Qing Dynasty, it is the most famous temple in Coloane, its historical and cultural heritage is quite deep. In addition to the worship of Tam Kong, the temple contains a four feet long model of a dragon boat made from a whalebone, it is said that touching the whalebone will get luck, many people will touch it when going Tam Kong Temple.
Tam Kong Temple
Andress: Avenida de Cinco de Outubro, Coloane

The Temple of Pou Tai Sin Un
Pou Tai Un (Buddha Temple) in Taipa is the biggest among all temples in Taipa and Coloane, and is also the biggest  Pure Land Buddhism Temple in Macao. The Temple was first built in 1972, mainly dedicating to Gautama Buddha, the Sixth and Last Patriarch of Chan Buddhism, Avalokitesvara and Trikaya.
The Temple of Pou Tai Sin Un
Location: Avenida Lou Lim Ieoc 5 - 5B, Taipa
We can also enjoy the amazing entertainments in Macao. There are different style of resorts can fulfill your demand.

Macau is called as Oriental Las Vegas, the Hotels and Casinos in Island are varied to meet the needs of comprehensive recreational holiday. Whether it is a stylish design of City of Dreams, or the full of romantic classical atmosphere of Venetian, the Island's integrated entertainment resort offers a wide selection of options, here, there is always the favorite choice of entertainment.


City of Dreams
The fashionable City of Dreams, attracting guests with exciting activities, accompanied by the top dining facilities. City of Dreams is a comprehensive entertainment resort, features with a stylishly designed casino and spectacular "The House of Dancing Water" performance. In addition to a wide range of entertainment experience, the City of Dreams often launched a variety of large-scale entertainment and performances, it can be regarded as the fashion choice of Island.
City of Dreams
Address: Estrada do Istmo

Romantic and Classical Venetian
The decoration is full of classical flavor, designed by the romantic concept of romantic Venice, the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel is full of European classical beauty. There are a variety of resident performances, such as the Gondola boatman with water country style, accompanied by Italian and English love songs singing performances, it has increased a lot of cultural atmosphere.
The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel
Address: Estrada da Baía de Nossa Senhora da Esperança
Taipa Racecourse
The Taipa Racecourse located in Estrada Governador Albano de Oliveira, is the only horse racing site in Macau. The Taipa Racecourse is run by the Macau Jockey Club, with a beautiful environment and modern equipment, it is an important venue for Macau's equestrian sports. It is a good place for people who like horse racing and stimulation.
Taipa Racecourse
Address: Estrada Governador Albano de Oliveira

Coloane Karting Track
In addition to the Taipa Racecourse, Coloane Karting Track is famous in Island. The Karting Track covers an area of about 50,000 square meters, it is the only one outdoor small racetrack in Macau. The safety of racing field is high, the crash bar is built to make driving more secure. Every year, it attracted a lot of motorized sports players came to experience the exciting car racing.
Coloane Karting Track

Address: Estrada de Seac Pai Van, Coloane


Taipa Houses–Museum
There are several Portuguese architectural style houses in Taipa Houses–Museum, such as Macanese Living Museum. Some of the houses have been converted into exhibition hall, so that people can understand the authentic Chinese and Portuguese cultural in Macau. Here the Portuguese style houses, the external walls were painted with mint-green and white, coupled with the surrounding environment, creating an elegant and romantic atmosphere. Sitting here for an afternoon, watching the sun slightly penetrate through the trees, fell on the ground, to realize feeling of tranquility.
Taipa Houses–Museum
Address: Avenida da Praia


The Grand Resort Deck
Walking through the Island, if feeling tired, people can go to the beach, enjoy the sun shine and the blowing of the wind, soothing fatigue and hugging the sea. In Island, there are many beaches for choice, in addition to the Hac Sa Beach, there is the artificial beach - Grand Resort Deck in Galaxy Macau.
The Grand Resort Deck is an artificial beach paved 350-ton white sand up to 150 meters long, it featured with the world's longest Skytop Aquatic Adventure River Ride at 575 meters. People can stay in this artificial beach, feel gently blowing breeze, enjoy the wonderful leisure day under the sun. Do remember to put on swimsuit before going into the water.
The Grand Resort Deck
Address: Galaxy Macau, Estrada da Baía de Nossa Senhora da Esperança
Hac Sa Beach
In Island, If you like natural beach, you can come to the Hac Sa beach in the south side of Coloane. Hac Sa Beach is one of eight scenic spots of Macau, it is named as its unique black sand, the beach is about 1350 meters long, shaped as half-moon. If you want to see the unique charm of natural beach, enjoy the blue sky and beautiful sea view, you should come to the largest natural beach of Macau. In addition to the beach, there are many lush pastures, as well as barbecue site, you can enjoy the fun of BBQ with family and friends.
Hac Sa Beach
Address: Estrada de Hac Sá, Coloane

It is no doubt the delicious food is one of the essential element in a holiday, and I promised you will find your favorite food in the island.

Delicious Food in Island


地址: 澳門氹仔舊城區官也街14號

Fong Kei
In Taipa Rua do Cunha, concentrated a lot of delicious food. In the century-old shop Fong Kei, you can taste the traditional biscuits. Every day, there are many people lining up to buy the most famous wife cake. Although times changed, the taste still remain the same, it is memory of a lot of people.



Mok Yi Kei
In the same street, there are many choices. For sweets, you can try the Mok Yi Kei's Cake dishes, which has 80 years of history with great fame. The cake dish is actually Agar, the most famous is the original, coconut, mango and bird's nest taste.
Mok Yi Kei
Address: Rua do Cunha no.9, Taipa


Hong Kong Cheung Chau Ping Kee
Opposite to the bus station at the Rua de Cunha, located at Rua de Horta e Sousa No.4, Hong Kong Cheung Chau Ping Kee was opened here. it used the own recipe to produce their signature dessert Mango Mochi, its characteristic is fresh manufacturing.
In Hong Kong Cheung Chau Ping Kee, you can taste the Mochi made by fresh fruit. Which the mango, strawberry, kiwi and durian, are the most popular Mochi. In addition to all kinds of fresh fruit Mochi, there is also peanut Mochi.
Hong Kong Cheung Chau Ping Kee
Address: Rua de Horta e Sousa No.4, Taipa


Cafe Leon
To find high quality dishes, need not spend a lot of money, the Cafe Leon is one of the options, which has introduced in the Michelin Bib Gourmand Recommendation.
The standard of Michelin Bib Gourmand Recommendation, is that a restaurant provides three high quality dishes under $300. Cafe Leon is an old and famous cafe, it was opened in 1989, it was famous with its Macau Sole with Butter Sauce, Baked Prime Rib, Roast Chicken stuffed with rice and so on. It was formerly located in Macau Peninsula, and later moved to Taipa Rua do Regedor. The environment changed, but the professional chef remains the same, continuously make the delicious dishes for the customers.
Cafe Leon
Address: Rua do Regedor no.79, Taipa


There are many new and interesting places in Island, each time going to Island can find some different things, in addition to several recreational resort hotels, there are artificial and natural beaches, all have their own characteristics, which is the diversification of leisure and entertainment of Island.

We hope that everyone in the daily busy life, can find their own and right entertainment life in Island, look for different life color. After the introduction of this issue, we hope that everyone can have more profound understanding and enjoy the wonderful life of the diversified Island.